The International Community Foundation

As expatriates living in Mexico, giving back to our adopted communities can be challenging.  We clearly see local needs, but don’t necessarily understand the complexity of these problems or the systems in place to address them. How do you know what the most urgent challenges are? How do you identify qualified partners, and ensure that your donations are being used effectively and responsibly? Whether you’re giving $100 at a local fundraiser or thinking about your legacy and giving in larger amounts, we are faced with the challenging of determining which organizations are worth our time, energy, and financial resources to have the most impact!

Fortunately, since 1990 the International Community Foundation has been helping U.S. donors of all abilities and areas of interest to overcome this unique challenge and give-back to the international communities that they care about, while still receiving the U.S. tax benefits.

Based near the San Diego-Tijuana border, the International Community Foundation seeks to inspire international charitable giving by U.S. donors, particularly those with an interest in Mexico and Latin America, to strengthen civil society and promote sustainable communities. For over 27 years ICF has been the nonprofit foundation of choice for U.S. donors who are passionate about improving the quality of life for the communities they care about, particularly in Mexico.

Your Cause is Our Cause!

ICF staff works with over 100 local nonprofit organizations, as well as U.S. and Mexican government agencies, private businesses, and other stakeholders to provide a holistic set of solutions to improve lives in the communities where we work.

Education, Arts & Culture: ICF is working to keep kids in school and improve the quality of education in Mexico through scholarships, teacher trainings, innovative curriculums to improve employability, and increases access to art, music, libraries and sports programs.

Environment & Conservation: ICF focuses on coastal, marine, and terrestrial areas of high biodiversity and native and migratory species. We are proud of our legacy tackling tough issues like clean air, groundwater, urban mobility and land-use zoning in coastal communities in Baja California and the Gulf of California region, as well Central America and the Galapagos.

Health: ICF invests in innovative interventions and convenes key partners to address high rates of chronic and communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and tuberculosis, as well as limited access to quality healthcare throughout Mexico.

What ICF Does:

·        Manage the International Grant making process to over 100 nonprofit organizations.

·        Serve as Professional Philanthropic Advisors, researching relevant challenges and identifying proven or innovative solutions to achieve our donor’s philanthropic goals.

·        Ensure Due Diligence and Accountability to ensure that your donations are used responsibly.

·        Offer Full Tax Deductible for all contributions to eligible international nonprofit organizations.

·        Serve as a Thought-Leader to increase awareness of civil-society’s and impact in communities.

·        Identify Partners to help bring more resources to the communities in need.

If you have an organization or cause that you care about and need assistance in your international charitable giving, we encourage you visit and contact [email protected] to learn more.

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