Vochol® is the first Huichol objeto de arte on wheels in the world. Unprecedented and never to be repeated in the history of popular art, Vochol spectacularly extols the cultural and artistic qualities of Mexico.

In 2010, the Museum of Popular Art (MAP) and the Association of Friends of the Museum of Popular Art (AAMAP), together with the state governments of Jalisco and Nayarit, embarked on the Vochol® project. This innovative project is a testimony to the artistic abilities of the indigenous group Huichol, instantly captivating viewers through the enigmatic beauty and original, striking design.

For more than seven months, eight Huichol artists devoted more than nine thousand hours of their time, transferring their inspiration to a magical, colorful design embedded on a Volkswagen car by way of canvas. The minute, detailed work entailed covering the body of the car with more than 90 kilograms of glass seed beads, as well as the use of diverse techniques and materials to cover the seats of the car, decorate the rims, the steering wheel and the dashboard. 2 million 277 thousand glass seed beads, and 16 kilograms of special resin, fabric, paint and yarn were used to complete the entire project.

The Museum of Popular Art aims to support and preserve Mexican traditions through the creation of popular art, helping men and women to keep their ancestral traditions alive and nurture their identities.  MAP offers temporary and permanent exhibits, as well as extramural activities, seminars, conferences, courses and workshops.


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