Honoring the Seas with Sonia Falcone’s Ocean Scapes, Baja Series Exhibition

Ocean Scapes, Baja Series Exhibition

Sonia Falcone, Artist and Founder of AMA Foundation

Celebrating the Grand Opening of Ocean Scapes, Baja Series exhibition by Sonia Falcone! Showcasing her marine-inspired exhibition at Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery in San José del Cabo, she recovers the astonishment at the vital marvel of the seas in general and the Baja Californian sea in particular.

“The air we breathe,” shes observes, “comes from the seas.”

Inspired by the beauty of the seas, Sonia Falcone is not only a talented artist. She is also the Founder and President of the AMA Foundation, with a mission to improve, protect and save the ocean, as well as creating an ecological environment in Baja California.

If each work, allows us to sustain that life contained in a single wave of blue and salty water for a while, she will feel that she has fulfilled through her art, the ultimate purpose of creation: to preserve the continuity of what exists.

The Sea of Cortez and the region around the Baja California Peninsula is not only a site of outstanding natural beauty but also a mecca for marine life. Jacques Cousteau, the famous marine explorer called it ‘the world’s aquarium’ when he often visited between the 1960’s and the 1980’s and still today some 900 species of fish, thousands of invertebrates and around 30 mammals reside here while many others frequent the place on a regular basis.

The word ‘ama’ means ‘Lady in Charge’ and AMA Foundation seeks to represent the status of the ocean as an entity to be respected and cared for, so she in turn can continue to do her own magnificent job. Ocean Blue World continues to be inspired by the heartfelt artworks of Sonia Falcone ? and her incredible work with AMA Foundation.

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