Kris Goyri: Stitching the Exquisite

Stitching the Exquisite with Kris Goyri

The hottest new designer on Mexico City’s catwalks is Kris Goyri.

He is a graduate from Casa de Francia’s Institute of Advanced Studies in Fashion. He began working in the fashion industry designing a ready-to-wear clothing line for women. It was there he learned about the business side of fashion and extended his intrinsic knowledge of textiles and textures.

In 2008 Goyri received the international award for New Mexican talent from Elle magazine. That same year he had his first fashion show where he captivated the leading international fashion editors’ attention and began to have his work published in: Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, Glamour, In Fashion, Glow, Caras, and NYLON among others.

He then expanded his design portfolio by completing a Master’s degree at Barcelona’s Istituto Europeo di Design where he specialized in footwear and accessories.

The up-and-coming young designer’s most recent timeless collections including his 2016 Resort collection and this year’s Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer shows have been enthusiastically received.

“Elegant, fresh, natural and simply beautiful,” is how Goyri defines his couture. Tailored to accentuate a woman’s beauty, his collections are superbly constructed works of wearable art created with naturally exquisite materials such as silk, linen and cotton and a rich color palette.



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