While having a luxurious spa day may not be your biggest concern at the moment it’s an acceptable response to seek this comforting ritual. If you can’t go out for a spa day, go in for one. In fact there are real stress relieving benefits associated with putting aside the time for a twenty-minute bath with relaxing candles—and let’s be honest, this is something we all need.

Here are a few thought starters:

Dry Brushing:

Everyone’s skin is a little less glowy than usual, most likely, due to spending more time indoors, lack of extra sunshine and stress. Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist, sells a great dry brush (https://shop.joannavargas.com/collections/shop-all/products/ritual-brush). Of course you can also pick one up on Amazon. Vargas is an advocate of the routine, which returns our skin to a nice glow.  Dry brushing increases blood flow and stimulates collagen, which ultimately strengthens our skin. It also a great way to increases skin elasticity— lift and tone — without a crazy work out. The process of dry brushing is also soothing mentally and physically.

Milk Bath

Once your skin is ready to fully absorb extra nutrients turn on the bath water and get ready to soak in a sultry milk bath.  The lactic acid in milk helps soften skin and is ultra-relaxing. It’s especially helpful for those with eczema or psoriasis and it’s an easy spa option to create. Simply add a few cups of whole milk or milk powder to your bathwater. Next, mix in some essential oils and then float some rose petals on top. Also do not forget to light a soothing candle before stepping in.

Steaming Facial

When you get out of the bath it’s time to take extra care of your face. A steaming facial cleans the pores, which also helps promote a more dewy facial appearance. And, we are all still using Zoom conference– so facial appearance is important. To steam your face fill a bowl with boiled water.  Leave it to cool slightly so that it is not hot enough to burn your skin then add a few drops of essential oils. Tea tree oil is great for acne-prone skin, lavender for oily skin or rose oil for dry skin.  Then lean over the bowl with a towel covering your head (to trap the steam) and allow your face to absorb the moisture. You can finish off this treatment by putting on a mud mask. AHAVA Mud Masks – straight from the Dead Sea – are also on Amazon.  If you want a more affordable and easy option, apply plane generic yogurt (maybe add some honey). Yogurt can help clear blemishes and reduce fine lines.

Once you have cleaned your face don’t forget the lips. Lips are often overlooked and deserve extra attention. You can try the Fresh Sugar Lip on the go kit from Sephora or any other option you can find (there are loads to choose from on Amazon).

Soothing Eye Treatment

Our eyes are often the first thing people see, especially now. You can buy an eye treatment or try a homemade remedy to soothe and refresh tired eyes. Chamomile tea bags and cucumber are both good traditional remedies to cool and soothe the eye area. A lesser-known fact is that you can also use cool potato slices. Cover your eyes with any of them for about ten minutes to see the positive effects. Also, if you cut up some cucumbers for your eyes, you can pop them in a glass of cold water to add to that spa vibe.

Hand massage

Washing hands so often they become dry and sensitive. Apply lavender and honey-scented Burt’s Bees Hand Cream right before bed (or any other Shea butter cream).  Shea butter is wonderful for soothing and repairing hands overnight.  Don’t forget when applying the cream to really massage it into your hands for both the relaxing effect of a massage and to have the cream absorb effectively.

Those are just a few easy options to achieve an at home spa day. As a final add on and find some soothing music so that no outside noise distracts you and soak it all away.

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