The Must-Have Swedish Eco-Luxury Beauty Brand


It’s as if Mother Nature herself was behind the luxury beauty brand Björk & Berries based in Högbo, Sweden. The sustainable skin care and perfume company uses locally sourced ingredients in their line of 100% natural products. Everything from scented candles and shampoo to bath salts and body lotions. If you look closely at a label you might notice indigenous ingredients such as birch leaves and bark. Birch is known as the life-giving tree. It’s been used for years as a skin healer and body cleanser and people have even been known to consume it to beautify the skin, starting from inside.

The company began as a small project in the deep forests of northern Sweden. At the essence of what they produce are centuries-old Swedish beauty traditions. Working with local flora, wild herbs, plants and berries and combining those ingredients with advanced technology, creates their modern line of products. They work with a team of skin experts, cosmetic formulators, botanists and perfumers to get the formulas just right. Their company purpose above anything else is to preserve Swedish beauty traditions and unleash them into the world, and they seem to be succeeding.

The five scent families are: Honey-Vanilla, Birch-Apple, Ligonberry-Rose, Blueberry-Lavender and Cloudberry-Jasmine. You have to appreciate fun and colourful names like Purple Velvet Midnight Special body lotion, a homage to 80s iconic fitness and beauty fever. It’s described as a smooth lotion with a lingering, sexy and soothing scent of violet, created as part of Eytys playful Purple Velvet capsule collection—a celebration of the best beauty company that never existed.

Every formula delivers on beautifying benefits while going minimalist on ingredients, to reduce impact on the environment and your crowded bathroom shelf. At the heart of the company’s ethos is ecology. They believe in selecting active ingredients in unique blends and applying mindful application techniques and environmentally friendly packaging. The manufacturing takes place in Sweden, naturally.

In case you were wondering, björk is Swedish for birch and berries means bär. Mother Nature would approve.

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